MLGD Creepypasta Results & Reviews
I just got 3 entries. I was expecting more but nevermind. Least we got a good competition.
Before we start giving you the winners, let me review the games first.

Flutter Island 2
[Image: Y7sANl.jpg]
While being released before the event which gives it a bit of minus points.
I can tell you that it's quite pretty scary. The fact you got Applebloom talking to you at near the end.
I got both endings apparently because I wanna make sure there was an easter egg and I apparently found one; a note notifying you about that you can't escape.

This is certainly a creepypasta game and a true heir to Flutter Island.exe.
While being scary, it's also well made. The fact at the end, you get to see Fluttershy dissolving her own body along a picture of her. Going through levels, you certainly get a very nice eerie sensation that let's your self give in to the darkness. I was expecting a screamer around which could've given it plus points and revoke the minus points for being too early. Sadly, most of the feeling is removed by that silly Game Maker Logo.

The Applebloom basically wants to play with you turns out to be the other side of Fluttershy. She said she's been hidden too long and it's time for her to awaken. She goes ahead and traps you in a psychodelical world representing chaos and death. You have to go through each puzzles. No deaths, just annoying platforms.
Sooner or later, you reach a room where you will find happy pictures of the mane 5 except Rarity with it's perceiving looks. While proceeding, you'll find out that Applebloom moved Fluttershy's picture. Once you found her and get into the room of your own picture. The picture slowly becomes a slowly decapitated version of Fluttershy. If you've looked at Fluttershy there, she also becomes the picture. The game ends from there telling that Applebloom is just the alter ego of Fluttershy and she mentions that you've been helping her all along. I'd expected a screamer or the dvd opening but it sadly didn't happen.

Since there weren't at all much of scary pictures except the large red bloody Applebloom in one of the levels and a very short game play I give this a 3 out of 5 stars.

[Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif] out of 5.
TIP: Use Game Maker 8 Pro

The Unknown
[Image: B5oSnl.jpg]
At the beginning of the game, I can already feel the Slender like feeling. I try to find as many things as I can and try to survive 6 minutes which can easily lead to paranoia. It really leaves me a mark in my dreams.

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself lost inside a forest without knowing what to do. I started picking things up and find the highest part of the forest I could find. Sooner or later, you find yourself looking at two red lights in a far distance which turns out to be snow unknown ponies. Wait a bit more and a few more appears. Trying to survive 6 minutes and running away, they tend to duplicate more and more and more and... AH GET ME OUT OF HERE! To be honest, I never survived the 6 minute mark.

The gameplay is very simple and easily gets you in a state of panic and "GET ME OUTTA HERE!" feeling.
It is very well done except the disadvantage of you cannot use the mouse to look around. But overall it's all creepy fun and really get's you in the mood of being scared without having any of the screamers. It's really well done but it's flexibility of input puts it down a lot since I for once, didn't like to use a controller for FPS games but I did for the sake of the game.

[Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif] out of 5.

The First Nightmare Night
[Image: screenshot100.png]
I'm gonna be honest here. It's not a creepypasta AT ALL. It fits more of the Halloween theme than creepypasta.

Anyways, while the concept is good and it's own development. It didn't scare me at all.
The fact, you play as Princess Celestia commanding a LOT of pegasi and guards to get to the desired location. I admit that a lot of shadows made me a bit scared but not enough as the two games and the fact that the gameplay used a bit TOO MUCH of the particle system of Game Maker.

I didn't count how many levels are there and perhaps it was too hard just for the first level. Hey, your PCs might be fast but optimization is needed since I work on a slow PC and/or Laptop which is the reason why I'm earning for a new one.

Anyways, you get to play as Princess Celestia as an ordinary filly without wings and with your light you attract shadows. With enough magic and gold, you can teleport some pegasi and guards. You can cast a barrier (which is too small), a healing ward, a star nova blast, small shooting stars and fires. Shadows are weak to fire but fire spreads easily and CAN damage you and your allies. Your healing ward can also heal enemies.

Anyways, the game and good and stuff and leaves me wondering how the upcoming online version will work... I don't think it's gonna make the cut at all. It didn't stick to the theme sadly. Oh well.

[Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif] out of 5.

TIP: Less particles, more gameplay improvements. Deactivate unnecessary objects outside of view.

Winner of the Challenge!
Well with the reviews, you can already tell who is the winner is and of course you will get a prize of a free artwork from exKira of deviantArt and me. Please PM us what you want to be drawn.

Octavia with her game, The Unknown!

Please PM us what you want to be drawn. We'll get it to you right away~
Take note, this HD game art we're talking about here.

Also, we'll inform you about the secret project soon. Since you're a 3d modeller, we need mappers for arenas and puzzles.
Of course, if your taking the job then we'll be glad to accept you.

Congratulations! You also get the October Champ in your title~!

With your stunning graphics that scares the hell out of me to the paranoia of brute forcing ponies that are going to eat you, I cannot have a good night sleep with your game. Very well done indeed.

We don't have consolation prizes at the moment but you may want to tune in for December Wink

See you next time at, The My Little Game Dev Challenge!
Posted by: Wishdream - 11-03-2012, 07:07 PM - Forum: MLGD Challenge/Results - Replies (1)    Print this item

My Little Game Dev and Equestria Gaming
Hey guys! So what about MLGD and EqG?
Is there a fight or something?

Hell no~! We're making friends!
Especially the fact we're expanding. I want this to be seen as a whole community for Game Developers of the Pony fandom.
Brony or not, we could use some new members.

Many enough to make this forum more active and also more enjoyable~!
We're not simply gonna isolate ourselves you know.

Think of it as TigSource but for ponies.
Now that's what I want Wink

Not only that, we get to see games and devlogs of games in the pony fandom that aren't much exposed as it's supposed to be.
To be exact, there's a lot. Not to mention that I see a lot more games of the fandom outside EqG!

Anyways, let's welcome them~

By the way, we're still looking for some global moderators Big Grin
Posted by: Wishdream - 10-25-2012, 10:37 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies    Print this item

My Little Game Dev - Creepypasta Challenge starts today!

1st Challenge of the MLGD forums starts today!
Can't wait for your entries!
Posted by: Wishdream - 10-20-2012, 01:32 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies    Print this item

My Little Game Dev - Creepypasta Challenge!
My Little Game Dev - Creepypasta Challenge!

[Image: 6GPvu.png]

So what is this Creepypasta Challenge? This challenge is official and an exception in the forum rules of not posting creepypasta games.

Alright, I'm sure many of you know about Luna Game and Luna Game 2.
Both games are pretty creepy, but I crave for more. And what better way
to get people to make creepy games than bribe them with free stuff?
This month's contest will be to create the creepiest creepypasta pony
game that you can.

Yes, EquestriaGaming copypasta.

What is the prize? Well, other than getting the champion title in the forums.
You get a custom artwork from both me and =exKira of deviantArt, the OC designer~
Other than that, you have the ability to join a secret project we're working on.
  • Your entry must be a game. It can have as many cutscenes and be as long as you want, but you have to be able to PLAY it
  • Your entry must be completely My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related
  • No porn
  • Blood is allowed, but no excessive gore.
  • No need for source code.
  • You are allowed to program this in ANY LANGUAGE YOU DESIRE. As long as I can play it, it makes no difference what you use to program it
  • Screamers are allowed, but be careful, they're not really as 'scary' as
  • much as they are 'startling', so you may not win with just a screamer
  • No file altering games, the first Luna Game may have had that, but that's not the kind of scary I'm looking for.
  • Please try to get permission to use the things you use
  • One entry per person
All late entries will have deducted points.


This contest will start on October 20th and ends to October 28th.
The results will be provided the night before 31. Perfect occassion.

Posted by: Wishdream - 10-14-2012, 11:53 PM - Forum: MLGD Challenge/Results - Replies (15)    Print this item

Welcome to My Little Game Dev!
[Image: MyLittleGameDev.png]
So what do we have here?
Well, it's an empty forum at the moment and it'll start to grow just like any other forum!

Anyways, welcome! I'm Wishdream or influxWishdream as you may know me.
I'm the lead developer of Team HeoLiX and the master of the group of HeoLiX.

I've made the forums for all of us game devs out there! Looks well organized and pretty too.
Though I'm gonna need some moderators.
If you want to apply, register now and PM me Wink
Posted by: Wishdream - 10-14-2012, 11:38 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies    Print this item


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