MLGD Pony Build-Up - The Game Dev Training Grounds!
MLGD Pony Build-Up
The Game Dev Training Grounds!

[Image: Capture3.png]
Do you want to improve your skills in making games? Maybe graphics? Perhaps in any other division? Don't have any motivation to do so? Well now! Then this event is for you!

Hopefully will get you inspired to improve your games and actually have the motivation to finish them!
So? How will this work?

Well! First of all, every 4 days from the start of the event, you get to make a mini-game according to theme and finish them up within 4 days! This can range from a simple like "Dark theme" to a ridiculous theme like "Dodge the doge dog!". As time goes on, it gets a bit complex but not too much. It may have a perk on what to focus on and that is optional.

After that, we'll have them all in one gallery and prepare the next theme.

8 days, 8 themes, 4 day time limit.


This event is about learning to improve your design and techniques! Even newbies can join! If you start off with boxes as characters, that's fine. The only way to improve is actually doing them and experiment! Everyone can, it's just some are naturally talented than others. That does not mean you can't get it yourself.

What are the Requirements?
You are NOT at all required to submit something every day. In fact you can use the theme to create a part of your game and along with the other themes given and submit that on the current theme instead, heck you can gather all the themes and use that to make a whole game!

You can even submit incompletes! Just say that it is and doing so, at least you have proof of practice!

No restrictions, as long as it has got something to do with ponies or something like minimalistic shapes. Make sure it's also playable, if it's not then say it's incomplete and submit! Also, keep it clean~

You can go as ridiculous as a pong game with tetris in it if you can!

In short, you can:
1.) Make a mini-game for each theme
2.) Use the theme for a part of a game (be sure to provide proof you added it)
3.) Or in case you missed one theme, you can use that one theme along with the next theme after that to make a better mini-game!
4.) Submit an incomplete
Just be sure to keep it clean!

Soo... would these even count as Achievements?
Yup! One shot, two down! Hey, if you're able to make it through all 8 days then that means you already made 8 games!

I don't know how to start!
There is plenty of ways to start! Check out the MLGD Forum's Tutorials and Guides! Many of ways to start, even on paper wouldn't hurt! It's all in the experience and this event is going to give you experience!

When does it start?
The First Event will start up on July 26 at 12:00 AM (GMT+8)!

Now prepare up! Study and let's set up for the event!

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Making a comeback
For some time now, most of MLGD is on Cloudsdale and I thank Zeeraw for that.
But there is a problem I have noticed...

Most of MLGD is not updated or touched...

For a while now, I was looking up to update a few topics and start a few more.
Then the bi-weekly (2 times a month) update video for MLGD.
But while things keeps me busy, it's obviously harder and harder for me to update.
So I've taken upon the action of taking a new admin.

Otherwise, I really want to get the forum up and running again.
Are there any other suggestions to make the site better?

I'm also thinking of opening up registrations on main site so you guys could also submit articles and I'll just polish them up.
Then there is also the idea of livestreams and podcasts. What do you guys think?

I think it's a good time as any to finally discuss about this.
Posted by: Wishdream - 06-30-2014, 11:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (6)    Print this item

Admin and Moderator Vote Ups
Hey, I've been holding this back for a very long time and I think it's time for me to get some admins and some mods onto the team.
I cannot do this alone anymore.

So here is how it works, post a name on who you want to be a moderator and an admin here in MLGD.
They'll be counted and added to the list here.

Can't do polls because the forum software doesn't allow adding names to a poll.

Alright. Let's start~

CLOSED. Thanks for voting!

Be sure he/she can be trusted. I'll be also selecting the ones who I can absolutely trust here at the end of the votes.
The votes will end at June 6th.

In the end 2 admins will be selected and 3 mods.
Posted by: Wishdream - 06-01-2014, 10:09 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (10)    Print this item

Unscheduled Server Move and Maintenance - 03/11/14 7:00PM GMT+8
Guys, just letting you know that we'll be having a scheduled server move to a new server and we'll be having maintenance after that.
Then we will have a vote off for new admins and mods later on.

Then we're going to have massive updates again.
- Wishdream
Posted by: Wishdream - 03-11-2014, 11:32 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)    Print this item

MLGD Video Game Compilation - Includes 2nd Part + 1st Part + Old Comps + Features
Hello everypony, took me long. This is what happens when your schedules and priorities gets screwed up... Anyways. Here is the list of games added~! And it's finally here!
The complete post goes here:

But if you want to see the list of entries:
  1. Celestia’s Cake Golf Adventure In Space
  2. Magic Hexagon (Feature)
  3. Luna Wander
  4. Cannonista
  5. The Moon
  6. Equestria War Skirmish
  7. AttorneyOnline: My Little Mercs Full Build (Feature)
  8. Princess Civilization (Feature)
  9. Equestrian Crisis (Feature)
  10. The Unknown
  11. Rainbow Dash in Sonic 2′s Emerald Hill (Feature)
  12. Help Snowdrop
  13. My Little Pony Adventure (unnamed game)
  15. Pinkie or Not Pinkie
  16. Pink Pone Action
  17. PONISU
  18. Luna’s Letter
  19. Primaeval Threat
  20. Revenge and Runes
  21. Rare Adventures
  22. Shh (joke game)
  23. Lyra and Bon Bon Save the World
  24. Island of Falling Stars
  25. Winter Make-Up 1
  26. Winter Make-Up 2
  27. TypeFast
  28. My Little Pony : Super Ethical Shipping Climax
  29. Rainbow
  30. Battle Royale: Forward to the Past
  31. Horse Game
  32. The Most Addicting Pony Game Ever!
  33. Ponyventure: The Rise of Evil
  34. Daring Do
  35. Buy Buy Pony
  36. Everwinter
  37. SLHRPG – Super Lesbian Horse RPG (Feature)
  39. Winter Wrap Up
  40. The First Nightmare Night
  41. The Amazing Jumping Adventure
  42. Apple Party
  43. Mega Mare (Cancelled by Team)
  44. My Little 1-Up
  45. Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder - The Pretend Game - The Game
  46. Rainbow The Dash - Cupcake Pickup (Supposed Entry for Oct 2012 Event)
  47. Winter Make-Up v2 (WIP Remake of Vanni's Winter Make-Up)
My comments on this Mareathon
Hello there everypony, Wishdream here~

Guys, it's 2014 and I expect more improvement!
You just never give up, no matter how hard the challenges are, and observe this world with a healthy dose of criticism and don't just follow the herd like somebody else might do.
-Renny Harlin
Thank you for participating. As soon as the compilation is posted on EqG, you may announce more of your games in the future.
This is Wishdream and thank you~

P.S. Please do take note I was under pressure during the past several days. You can clearly see that in my Twitter anyways >.>

I know, it was stressing and I'm doing my best to get it all out as fast as I could. Also, I know I could NOT fit all key games in the MLGD trailer. Other than that, it was a compilation of ALL games made in MLGD by 2013 and Early 2014 (including a few other games with permissions, which I think is only 2 outside of the community)

PLUS, there's also the given I have College AND Work. So I'm under double pressure. I wish you could understand this. I know I got a lot of people pissed by it and honestly I'm also pissed as I'm pressed under pressure for the past two weeks. (And I know it should've been a 2 day wait and it supposed to be made in two days too BUT apparently someone decided to throw everything at me)
Posted by: Wishdream - 01-27-2014, 12:45 AM - Forum: MLGD Challenge/Results - Replies (10)    Print this item


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