MLGD Marathon - 2nd Half of 2013
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MLGD Marathon

The MLGD Marathon is a game development marathon that runs for 2 whole weeks 1 whole month and the event only appears two times a year. This is where a game developer can freely show his/her skills in either speed, originality, beauty and completeness! Completely freelance and no rules (kinda)! You can go either speed centric (How many games you could finish in 2 weeks 1 whole month) or you can go design centric (How perfect you can go in 2 weeks 1 whole month)! Anything can be entered from a mod pack to a full pledge game, as long as it's playable and it'll be okay.

Rules! Kind of contradicting my previous statement but anyways...
  • At least 1 playable level
  • Basic essentials of a game is there
  • Least basic but appealing graphics
  • No pornography, but creepypasta is allowed
  • At least to have the Marathon Logo:
Important Note: This game marathon's aim is to prove what we can do here at We wish to create a larger amount of finished games for the bronies at large and to make the impact as great as possible, we would like all participants to please NOT submit their games to any site or publish them on the internet before Wishdream compiles them together and sends them off to major review sites. We hope this will increase traffic to the site.

The competition lasts 2 weeks only 1 whole month, after that all games shall be submitted into the MLGD Game Archive and then submitted to Equestria Gaming and Equestria Daily with a demo reel of the game included.

Options! In case you have totally no idea where to start with then here are some possibilities:
  • Mod for a game
  • A complete mod pack
  • A rom hack
  • A complete rom
  • Full Game
  • Demo Game
  • Engine Fun
  • Parodies
  • Unfinished Engines
  • Game from Scratch
  • Game from pre-made engine
  • Game from old unfinished game
  • Game from past projects (e.g. Budding Friendships)
  • Work in Progress Games
Alright, I suggest you gather your team or work up yourself a checklist of things to do. This way, we can see your game with shining colors. The more things you can make your game with, the better!

Hosts comments: Alright guys! MLGD is now year and plus old and it's time for another death battle Mareathon!
I hope you guys will do better than before and I hope we all get ourselves a good time making new games!

To Submit: Submission thread over here, click me
For Q&A: Post at this topic.

MLGD Marathon - 2nd Half of 2013
TIME STARTS AT: December 8th 10th, 2013 GMT+8
ENDS AT: January 10th, 2013 PST

Posted by: Wishdream - 12-09-2013, 03:11 AM - Forum: MLGD Challenge/Results - Replies (51)    Print this item

MLGD Re-Opens! Bigger and Better!

Are you looking for a pony game dev community?
Looking for resources and tutorials for pony game development?
Are you an artist, musician, sound engineer, programmer or developer looking for a team?
How about working with game developers around the MLP fandom?
Want to game test early builds of mlp game projects?
Or maybe pitch an idea to the developers?
Then, you might already have found the answer.

I bring to you My Little Game Dev.
From here, you can search up ideas, reviews, trailers, tips and tutorials, graphics, music, other resources and what hot and whats not about the mlp game dev community.
Not only that, we also have a forum.
From there you can participate in mini-challenges and official events in MyLittleGameDev.
In there… You can put your own devlog, discuss about aspects of a game from both creative aspects and the technical aspects, look and create teams, create a portfolio, break down and learn from games and finally talk and gather around for MLP.
Interested? Well, you’re already here! Why not check out the site. Go ahead! Don’t be shy!

Posted by: Wishdream - 12-09-2013, 02:57 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (15)    Print this item

Wishdream is back! Upcoming new activity~
Hello there everyone!
I'm finally back after getting ex-communicated with a broken PC.

I actually have a better PC now and it's time to get back into progress...

Now here's an idea, The Game Dev Build Up!
It's the Artists Training Grounds but with tutorials and the end result of each day is a full game.

Problem is... I don't know if we should should multiple software.
For now I'm deciding...

The Game Dev Build Up is a 20 day long event and after proceeds the MLGD Mareathon Part 2 of the year.

Any suggestions? Go ahead and reply to this topic.
Posted by: Wishdream - 09-02-2013, 06:21 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)    Print this item

MLGD Mareathon 2013 - 1st Part Compilation Post
[Image: QXz9yOMl.png]
HD Image for EqG:
Hello everypony, took me long. This is what happens when your schedules and priorities gets screwed up... Anyways. Here is the list of games added~! And it's finally here!

Note: Not every game is uploaded yet. Please wait for a few hours or probably a day to finish the upload.

Special Additives:
  • AttorneyOnline: My Little Mercs Full Build (Apr 2013) (Current best find)
  • Princess Civilization (6/6/2013) (Best Progress)
  • Equestria Crisis (DevLog Feat)
  • Everwinter (December Winner)
  • The Unknown (October Winner)
  • Rainbow Dash in Sonic 2's Emerald Hill (New Year's Preview)
Current Entries:
  • Cannonista
  • Equestria War Skirmish
  • Help Snowdrop
  • Luna Wander
  • My Little Pony Adventure (Unnamed Game)
  • Pinkie Or Not Pinkie
  • Primaeval Threat
  • Rare Adventures
  • Shh (Joke Game)
  • The Moon
Missing/Unfinished/Not Compiled Entries:
  • Wishdream's Unfinished/Beta Pack
        - Apple Party
        - Mega Mare (Cancelled by Team)
        - My Little 1-Up
        - Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder - The Pretend Game - The Game
        - Rainbow The Dash - Cupcake Pickup (Supposed Entry for Oct 2012 Event)
        - Winter Make-Up v2 (WIP Remake of Vanni's Winter Make-Up)
My comments on this Mareathon
Hello there everypony, Wishdream here~
I'm just going to say, we're all up for a good start. In all honesty... we all have many falls, unfinished projects and even blockades to what we do. From those failures, we learn from them and soon we can make something better out of it.

While most of the games are just potential ideas, let's make something better in the future. I await most of your progress in the future. Hopefully, something better for the next marathon.

Thank you for participating. As soon as the compilation is posted on EqG, you may announce more of your games in the future.

This is Wishdream and thank you~

Posted by: Wishdream - 06-10-2013, 08:33 PM - Forum: MLGD Challenge/Results - Replies (9)    Print this item

MLGD Mareathon is now compiling and uploading
and my internet is crap so it can take me tomorrow to send it to XTUX345
and also can't close the threads yet because same reason. Hopefully I won't have to use the USB internet tomorrow.
[Image: compiling.png]

Posted by: Wishdream - 06-04-2013, 10:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)    Print this item


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