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Forum has been moved successfully! - Wishdream - 03-03-2015

Hello everyone, Wishdream here.

I've finally successfully moved the site and set the main site as it's portal then fixed the icons above this time.
Sooner or later, the site portal's layout will change as well to accommodate a more friendly look that deserves to be it's homepage.

The change of the site means a different setup as well.
Since we are now back to the original setup of the site, there will be changes from the original.
Meaning there will be weekly updates this time than the original scheduled time.

As you may notice, there isn't any much news on the game development side of the MLP fandom.
Hopefully that will change though.

Finally, we'll see to that the portal page will change to showing the new News section soon.

The site is still under construction, remember. Changes may or may not happen soon. As well as change of setups.
Welcome to the 2015 reboot of My Little Game Dev.

[Image: avatar_4f5387199eae_128.png]
- Wishdream