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Phase 1 - Forum New Theme Test Run!
[Image: MyLittleGameDev.png]
Howdy! This is Wishdream again!

Hey guys, we're almost close to Christmas and I can feel the Christmas Morning! As you all know there has been plenty, if I mean plenty, I do mean plenty! Gosh, dang how much things fly. But MLGD is ready to take on some articles again! But that doesn't mean I'm going to find article writers just yet.

Some parts of the forums is still not actually done, the smileys needs to be updated and of course theme bugs! I know there will be plenty and of course I'm ready to take them on.

Soo... if you guys notice any bugs or wrong colors then report it over here:

Catch you all later!
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Status: Calming down and slowing down. Been busy almost 24/7.
"Reach your dreams to your highest potential!"
~John Jerome "Wishdream" Romero~

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Phase 1 - Forum New Theme Test Run! - Wishdream - 11-28-2015, 08:40 PM

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