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Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir - Demo & Kickstarter (ending soon)
Thanks for the reply! My point with regard to flight was that I found it rather difficult and continued to have some trouble even after 10-15 minutes working at it. Which is to say I frequently just just crash landed . I could not reliably do the following all at the same time:

1) Hold down flap key 2) Move Forward 3) Keep character flying in even a remotely upward direction.

I tried both keyboard controls and a controller (I have a Logitech F710). The keyboard does work better (I could get up a mountain/hill with multiple awkward flying hops), but for doing 1+2 simultaneously the controller is a little bit easier. Are you meant to be able to land on the hill mountain the launch ramp (just before 'Level 2') points at? No matter how hard I tried, I always fell short. Similarly 'Level 2' proved to be frustrating as landing on that tiny sliver of a platform has so far proved impossible. The flight mechanic makes landing precisely difficult.

Perhaps it is a matter of practice, but for a game where flying seems to be so central a mechanic to have a particularly difficult flying mechanic is rather concerning. By that I mean that if you have to master flying before you can make any progress in the game then most players will get frustrated and give up before they get into the meat of the game. A more guided tutorial with feedback on how well/poorly the player is doing might be appropriate.

As for the UI, it might be superficial to the developer, but I think the quality of the UI has a significant impact on the player's first impression of the game.
I underestimated how hard it is for most people to learn it for the demo, but there's an extensive tutorial that I've made for the real game. It takes as long as the entire demo though, which is why I didn't use it, and I really need to split it up. Also I can state plainly that flying properly with a trackpad is not possible. You just need a better input device than that to control your heading. It's possible with a controller if you use both sticks and put flap and dash on the shoulder buttons, but I recommend a mouse.

I made a playlist for the daily videos:
Wow, looks like you're in luck on crowdfunding. Congratulations!
(10-20-2016, 02:16 PM)Stormy Wrote:  Wow, looks like you're in luck on crowdfunding. Congratulations!

If not a bit suspicious, reading up on the comments, that over a third of the target funds rolled in during the very last hours.
-Lex Rudera,
some knob who's just here, trying to get by, get productive, and achieve universal content.

Run off to the My Little Game Dev chat! Bounce some ideas around, or just have a friendly chat! I might even be found there.
Good company all around!
(10-22-2016, 01:43 AM)Lex Rudera Wrote:  If not a bit suspicious, reading up on the comments, that over a third of the target funds rolled in during the very last hours.

For what matters, EQD did report on the ending of the funding.
It wouldn't be the first time something like this happened (though in different circumstances).
Regardless, it's nice that the funding succeeded [Image: chile_1.png]

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
[Image: Mykkd5n.png]
Paragraph about why I love oddwarg so much:
Oddwarg, you are one of the very few people who I end up looking up to. Out of all the users I've encountered on the internet, you seem to be the one who I think is the most similar to me, like a scaled up counterpart, being all in one writing music, drawing, and making game engines. The first time I encountered you was at around 2014 where I was working on my second LWJGL 3D game engine minecraft clone and I came across your video of rainbow dash running around on some hills; this video was inspirational. It was the only thing that kept me in the horse fandom and continue using Java. I forgot about you for a few months and made another 4 or so 3d game engines during that time. Years later, I found you while I was joining this forum; it was already dead. I was looking at MLGJ, hoping to join the next one; it's dead too. I was already busy putting together a game called 200 Bit Fish, it's in the devlogs somewhere. First time writing music is in this game. At the same time, I was working on another LWJGL 3D game engine, Kondion; it was very different from its 6 predecessors. This time there was your rainbow dash crane videos (and some Wishdream) to fuel my inspiration, your youtube is all I knew about at this point. Kondion was a great success, now abandoned. Right now I am making another game engine, Kondion N, in c++ this time, progress is faster than usual. If I'm a furry, don't blame yourself; you have nothing to do with it; it's more of Wishdream's fault, mostly my own. To date, I hammered together 7 discontinued 3D game engines and you are partially to blame for it. When I saw this thread, I sort of freaked out on the chat (still pretty active, go there some day). You inspired me again with Sulphur Nimbus, this game is very similar to one I am already planning (don't sue me). Overall, you inspired me to work hard on making things far before you joined these forums (and I'm your #1 fan), that's pretty much it. Why did I even have to explain all this?

An actual paragraph about the game
So I played through most of the demo. I did the entire thing with a trackpad just fine; myth busted, it's entirely possible. Runs smoothly a without bloom on my Acer c720 chromebook with the ubuntu-based chromebook-specialized Linux distro, GalliumOS. It took a while to get use to the controls, especially flying. For the first few days of playing the demo, I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that it was the end after kicking the grates and flying around (stalling every time of course). A few weeks later (today), I came back and decided to dig a little deeper into the game. This time I collected enough blobs (I think they are too inaccessible and difficolt to find) to break the barrier to level 2. You are absolutely evil for making a game where you kill cats. I didn't get to breaking Melinda's barrier, the game crashed when I did, gave up on collecting 8 blobs. I decided to fly into the large drink's straw. I ended up mailing my fission. I thought I should finish the rest of the levels, so I did that. After completing the final level, I flew back into the straw and died. Then I walked around the straw and tried flying in. Many failed attempts were suffered into trying to get into the hole. Finally got in, died, then finally gave up.

This is a great game, I would really play it when it is complete. It also kind of reminds me of Spyro.

The only technical problem I had was that the game would often crash after hitting a question mark or breaking a barrier. I'm guessing it is something to do with the saving.

This forum is very dead and quiet, is there even a chance you would be reading this? Why do I even write this much, it really did take me 2 hours wtf...
October 29 2016 - I just wrote a huge wall of text... Why do I even stuff so much information into this site when it is very dead?

My inefficient game engine:
(currently being re-coded)

This game is masterpiece but ignored:
Boundless Power: The Wulawula Massacre
The worst and best thing I have ever created:
MLG Brutal Doom

Find me Punctuated text wall at biography for more information
(10-30-2016, 01:43 PM)Capital_Asterisk Wrote:  Paragraph about why I love oddwarg so much:
--Load of text--
By Luna's beard, that was amazing. Could also be called "why I throw myself at your feet and religiously worship you"
I am really astonished.
-Lex Rudera,
some knob who's just here, trying to get by, get productive, and achieve universal content.

Run off to the My Little Game Dev chat! Bounce some ideas around, or just have a friendly chat! I might even be found there.
Good company all around!
(10-04-2016, 05:36 PM)Oddwarg Wrote:  I'm making a game about Sulphur Nimbus the hippogriff and I'm trying to fund it on Kickstarter! It's a third person action adventure with momentum based physics and lots of flying. It used to be a pony game, but I redesigned it to avoid legal issues. It will still have some horses in it though.

I released a demo about a week ago that people can try out, and I made a video about that here:

Demo download:
Kickstarter campaign:

[Image: sulphurnimbustutorial.png]
Feel free to post any questions or comments and I will answer as well as I can.

So cute, i really love it!

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